Sistema ang

In Marlon Branding we know that advertising is a dynamic task: Integration technical, social and economic requirements; needs biological with psychological effects and materials: shape, colour and space; all this interrelated with the environment around us. All this thought to write a good script. The process of building a brand is not limited to "the strategic administration of the total set linked direct or indirect form to the name or symbol that identify the brand influencing his value, fot the customer and for the company owner." Unless the total sum of the value of a company, considering the assets and liabilities; tangible and intangible, aspects as his products, services, people, advertising, placement and culture.

In Marlon Branding we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of free expression  that could be breathed in "Actor's Studio". We are a  equipment multidisciplinary formed by professionals of the area of the psychology, the digital programming, graphic design or science communication. Our philosophy is based on the round table, on the elimination of constraints or biases that limit creativity on the constructive imagination. We drink from the Stanislasvki's school because only going deeply into the spirit of a brand good advertising can be done of her. (This, and that we are not handsome enough to dedicate to the cinema).