Principis ang

1. Concentration: To answer to the imagination learning to think as the brand that we are advertising.

2. Work with the text: To develop the ability to discover the sense of the briefing.

3. Given circumstances: Use the scene of the customer to create the world of the product through the reality.

4. Units and objectives: To divide the campaign in sensitive units that can be worked individually.

5. Work with the senses: Discover the sensory of the work, the affective memory. Working with small sensations to grow them feelings. Expand them. Communicate them.

6. Communication and contact: Always it is necessary, interact with other professionals of the sector without violating the content of the briefing.

7. Sense of truth: Difference between the human thing and the artificial thing.

8. Relaxation: To eliminate the physical tension. Relax the muscles while we do the presentations.

9. Logic and credibility: To discover that the sum of these combinated provocated consistency and coherence in the development of any campaign.

10. Creative mental state: The automatic culmination of all these previous steps. The big actors are who listen what happens in scene: their director, the company of the distribution, the manager of the atrezzo. Go to the scene with us, there will be no tickets for your opening.