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Currently there are about fifty favelas in Rio de Janeiro, one third of the total population, with a rate of demographic growth of 7,5%. Example is the favela Rocinha, originated in the forties, where two hundred thousand of habitants, without title to the houses that have been living for seventy years, they live with a monthly family salary below two hundred euros.

Solidarity is a platform created to facilitate solidary projects of Rio, they find solutions to the different problems.

The objective of this project is to find sponsors to benefit a group of community leaders with small projects like: asylums for elders, day care centers, employment workshop, health centers, computer rooms, etc.

"Mulheres de Rio. Art of living" will be an art exhibition that aims to raise awareness of companies of a reality often ignored by the "mass media". The reality of the Brazilian favelas removed from stereotypes created by works like "Ciudad de Dios". Different photographers of the community leaders, exposed in boxes of light and accompanied by a brief text explaining emotively his biography and which will serve as inspiration for various artists. Sculptures, paintings, poems, photography, songs..of creators and artists of all parts. There will be a representative model of a favela wit their different houses. These will light up whenever a visitor makes a donation entirely voluntary. And in the other room will be short films and documentaries of the life of the leaders (all that accompanied for three famous styles of Brazil music).

We want that the visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to be sensitive day after day of these women, that in the middle of such a difficult environment have come to be as authentic social leaders.