Why marlon branding?

In 2005, after 10 years working with multinational communication agencies at BNC, Marlon Branding was born with the clear intention of setting trends and betting on creativity.
Today, we are still excited about all of the groundbreaking concepts that we create and our strategy of doing things DIFFERENTLY. We work on the platform of having brilliant ideas that are strategically planned which translates into increase sales and services for our customers. Do you dare?

Success is about understanding and deepening the soul of a brand in order to create strong, positioned communication. We work every day so that brands have VALUE, CREDIBILITY AND SINGULARITY.

Our communication is motivated through our passion and history that we want to share with you.

The ability to transmit EMOTION is the most important thing in a world dominated by technology.

Your customers don’t buy your product or service, they buy the excitement that you make them feel. LET US HELP YOU!

On-line and offline communication of a brand requires notoriety and a differential creative concept


Invest in concepts to differentiate our protagonists: customers. We plan and schedule communication actions with one objective: SELL and CREATE BRAND IMAGE.

In marlon branding we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of free expression that could be breathed in Actor’s Studio. We are a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals in the field of psychology, programming of digital environments, influencers, graphic design or communication sciences. We want to be your partner.


We work with the actress Notoriety, the glamorous Creativity and the impeccable actor INVESTMENT. Our team is multidisciplinary and experienced. It puts the soul in every detail and gives the best in each sequence.

Our philosophy is based on the round table, on the elimination of conditions or prejudices that limit creativity, on the constructive imagination. We drink from Stanislavsky’s school because only by deepening the spirit of a brand can a good publicity be made of it. If you want you can, if you can: call!


Consulting and online marketing agency. The digital transformation implies changes and giant steps to achieve the proposed returns. Positioning a brand implies an ASERTIVE and PROACTIVE strategy of different media: programming, web design and positioning, SEO and SEM strategies (PAID MEDIA), social media, community management, branded content, online reputation, e-mailing, web app, analytics and data … The new generations have a digital DNA that implies a new language: different, innovative and personal. We are prepared, and you?


Focused on results, we talk about profitability, each recommended action represents an investment for the brand. Having a DIRCOM (communication director) as PARTNER allows you a differential advantage over the competition. Efficient communication plans, groundbreaking advertising concepts, a branding that stands out, a graphic design where every detail counts, an original naming, a striking signage or an experiential event make your brand a benchmark in the market for the target we propose. Do we start.

Creative Director
Miquel Pujadas
Social Media
Jordi Gamell
Web and Digital
Jordi Puig
Graphic Designer
Jordi Peña
Community Manager & Social Media Strategist
Adrià Uyà
Secretary and HR